my new ghost blog on windows azure

One my new favourite things to do on azure at the moment is node.js on Windows Azure Websites. I discovered ghost node.js blog platform is available on azure website gallery. Cool!

I wanted to start a blog fresh with ghost and what better first post, how to install it on azure websites. You're going to need a Windows Azure account to try this out. If you haven't already, go here and get that done. Don't worry, I'll wait.

Click on the +New button on the bottom left to create a new azure website.

Now select compute, website, from gallery.


Select Blog from the list to narrow the list down and then select Ghost from the list of blog platforms.


Then click the next arrow button to goto the next installation step.


Click the check button once you've entered all your initial settings and you'll have a brand new ghost blog website in few more seconds.

Then hit and Bob's your uncle! Hit to login to complete your blog setup and create/edit your posts. And that's it.